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Blue Notes Of Nature

Only 30 bottles left for sale.

The gin is the special edition 'Distilled Blue Notes Of Nature'. It is inspired by the atmosphere created when invigorating and well composed jazz tracks is played and recorded underneath the cathedral like arches of our distillery in Aarhus.

The gin is based on a organic wheat distillate which is united with carefully selected botanicals including Danish quinces, ginger, lemongrass and of course juniper berries. The result is a smooth citrussy and floral gin that you can enjoy neat, or in a cocktail when listening to notes of nature hidden in the live album recorded at the distillery. 

Enjoy the mystery, Enjoy it with care. It's your nature. Distilled.

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We have conjured up this barrel-aged Vermouth in our Liquid Gastronomy laboratory.⁠ ⁠ The Ligalab Vermouth used in this video consists of apple cider fortified with our Distilled Mother Nature gin.