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Distilled and Barrel Aged

Special editions of our gins have been aged in various barrels for at least one year. Barrels previously used for ageing whisky, Burgundy wines and Sauternes to name a few. Different combinations of distinct gins, ageing times and barrels result in unique new taste experiences. Some of our barrel-aged gins have smokey notes and others have fruity dimensions. These gins are perfect served neat like whisky or cognac, or used in cocktail classics like negroni and gin old fashioned.

Key Botanicals


Distillate and Alcohol Strength



  • Njord Old Fashioned

    5 cl Distilled Barrel-Aged

    1 bar spoon of acacia honey

    1-2 dashes of orange bitters

    1. Build slowly in a rocks glass by adding 3 cl gin with the acacia honey and orange bitters. Stir to dissolve the honey.

    2. Add the remaining 2 cl gin and ice when the first batch has dissolved a little. Stir again.

    3. Twist a lemon peel over and around the glass and drop it in.

Try out the Njord Old Fashioned made with our barrel-aged gin.
We have conjured up this barrel-aged Vermouth in our Liquid Gastronomy laboratory.⁠ ⁠ The Ligalab Vermouth used in this video consists of apple cider fortified with our Distilled Mother Nature gin.