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Distilled Sun And Citrus - Kombucha Edition

The sun-saturated herbs, berries, and flowers together with the powerful distillate Distilled Sun and Citrus give this gin an irresistible elegant wildness. The taste and the aromas move from the first citrus and floral notes to deeper and sweeter layers – and back again. Sun & Citrus is an intense and versatile gin which has won several prizes and many hearts.

This gin is as usual distilled with lemon verbena. The citrus and floral notes is in this special edition supported by a special white tea-based kombucha with basil and the aforementioned lemon verbena.

The kombucha we use is a special production by our friends at Nordic Kombucha, and replaces filtered water which we normally use to dilute the concentrated gin. This is how we bring down the alcohol percentage from 85% down to 47,5% in the case of Sun and Citrus.

Key Botanicals

Lemon verbena, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, blackberry,

blueberry, juniper, lemon- and orange peel, lime blossom and rosehip petal.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength

Barley malt. 47,5%.

Cocktailen kaldes Golden Nugget og er skabt af Mari-Liis Lvov. Inspirationen til Golden Nugget kommer fra spidskommen i vores gin, som mindede hende om det indiske køkken og varme tyrkiske drink lavet med mælk, gurkemeje og honning.⁠⁠
Prøv Njord Old Fashioned lavet med vores fadlagrede gin.