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The Comeback 75 Cocktail Bundle – Only available to our Flaskepost subscribers

Special offer  – only available to our Flaskepost subscribers

The French 75 is an all-time classic and has since the 1920's appeared in countless renditions. This version couldn't be easier to make at home, and yet it is still both innovative and complex.
The built-in LIGALAB tonic syrup in the Comeback Quinine special edition is both sweet and acidic, substituting sugar and lemon juice normally used to make the French 75. 

The gin also makes a wonderful G&T by adding nothing more than sparkling water, but don’t forget to add plenty of ice to this one.

The Comeback 75 – How to:

  • Make sure to refrigerate both gin and bubbly well in advance, since no ice is used!
  • Start by adding 4 cl Comeback Quinine LIGALAB Edition to a chilled champagne flute.
  • Top with dry sparkling wine.
  • Garnish with a grape zest.
  • Enjoy!

The bundle includes a 0,5 l Njord Distilled Comeback Quinine Ligalab edition and a 0,7 l bottle of decent French bubbly.

More information on the gin can be found here 

Cocktailen kaldes Golden Nugget er skabt af Mari-Liis Lvov . Inspirationen bag ved Golden Nugget kommer fra spidskommen i vores gin, som mindede hende om, hendes indiske køkken og varme tyrkiske drink lavet med mælk, gurkemeje og honning.⁠⁠
Prøv Njord Old Fashioned lavet med vores tøndelagrede gin.