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About Njord and our gins

A keen fondness of gin turned from hobby to occupation for us. After tasting a lot of the gins the universe has to offer, we decided to make our own gins. The gins is in the new western style which means that they are much more than just another one-dimensional juniper products.

Our gins firmly rooted in the Jutlandic mold with a focus on Nordic botanicals - hence the name Njord which is a nodding approval of the proud traditions of Norse mythology. Njord is a mythical figure associated with crop fertility, wind and the sea - all things we have plenty of in Denmark. From the original Distilled Mother Nature, our gin universe has developed into a diverse portfolio including our five main editions named:

  1. Distilled Mother Nature (potato distillate)
  2. Distilled Sun And Citrus (grain distillate)
  3. Distilled United Natures (grape and grain distillate)
  4. Distilled Sand And Sea (potato and grain distillate)
  5. Distilled Slow Sloe (potato and grain distillate)

Enjoy with care. It's your nature. Distilled.

Lars Toke and Troels
Founders, Njord Gin