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Cocktails with Njord

Njord Gin & It

A bloody good Valentine

Summer Solstice Smoked Gin & Tonic

The Wonderfully Sweet Whip Shaken Whitsun Sour

Njord Jutlandic 75


 Njord Liga Negroni


The Moment


4 cl Njord Distilled Sun And Citrus

2,5 cl lime juice

2 cl honey

6-7 blueberries

1 Marshmallow

1 Rosemary sprig


Mash blueberries, shake all ingredients, strain.

Garnish with a toasted marshmallow and a rosemary sprig.

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Njordic Martini


8 cl Distilled Mother Nature

1,5 cl Belsazar dry vermouth

1 dash of Bitter Truth lemon bitters


Stir, strain, serve, repeat.

Garnish with pineshoot - bash it good to release oils.

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Njord Negroni by Strøm


2,5 cl Distilled Mother Nature

2,5 cl Campari, 25 ml Cocchi Torino Coffee Vermouth*

Orange Twist


*How to make Coffee Vermouth: 10 Coffee beans in
1 btl Cocchi Torino for 3 hours. Strain and use.

Served on the rocks.

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More recipes to be found at and also see the cocktail book The connoisseur's Cocktail Companion. Have fun. Enjoy with care.