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Behind every excellent and original idea stands a curious mind. In the case of the gin developed and distilled by Njord, it is actually two curious minds belonging to the friends, Lars Toke and Troels.

A keen fondness of gin turned from hobby to a full-time passion in 2014. Ever since, they and their nerdy team have been dedicated to crafting distinct avantgarde gin of the highest quality at Denmark’s first distillery devoted to gin. The distillery has since been accompanied with their Njord Ligalab which is a laboratory dedicated to exploring liquid gastronomy in a wider perspective.

Reflection of the nature

Njord goes beyond the simplistic flavour profiles traditionally consisting of juniper berries, coriander seeds and few other botanicals. Instead they create unique complex gins rooted in Danish nature. We are aiming to distill the most interesting gins possible by focusing on using complex distillates and hand-picked botanicals. That is why our gins are appreciated at the best restaurants and cocktail bars, loved by people who desire new taste experiences and why Njord is internationally renowned and awarded.

From Frau Müller to the bottle

Our still “Frau Müller“ is named after the monarch of Müller Brennereianlagen, Claudia. She is a part of a family-owned company that has been creating handmade copper stills for four generations in the heart of Schwarzwald, Germany.

She has a pot still with the capacity of 220 litres, resulting in 300 bottles per distillation. She also has a column still and a vapor infusion basket which enables her to create the most clean, complex and aromatic gin possible. Frau Müller also has a special made copper helmet and the Müller company’s first born vapor infusion basket.

Njord & Sydhavnen

Our distillery and the distillery garden with botanicals and bees is located in the busy Sydhavnen (South Harbour), near the city centre of Aarhus. The building is an old pumping station built in 1913. It has a protected status and in 2017, it was brought back to its original appearance of more than 100 years ago.

The building was left unused since 1962, and the transformation of the old pumping station into a distillery has brought the beautiful building back to life and the production back to Sydhavnen.

The Sydhavnen area is one of the largest city development projects in Aarhus. It is part of an ambitious plan to merge business, culture and history in one collective district. We are proud to play a role in this transformation.

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This short video is a tribute to what Njord depends on - nature and its wonderful mysteries.

Mysteries that we love to explore with open curious minds.⁠ Can you grab the mystery?