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Years ago we started a journey into the wonderful world of gin. G&T's with mainstream brands and mass-produced spirit were the thing. But we soon dived into the complex universe of smaller and lesser-known gin brands. This became a point of no return.

Small batch distillers around the world offer fascinating gin experiences. The diversity of balanced botanicals in symbiose with elegant spirit underneath the juniper surface is what we crave for. With Njord, we're contributing to this diversity. Our gins have their own personality and taste like no other in the world.

The distillates are made from both potato, grain, grape and apple. They are all perfect palates for our carefully selected botanicals, primarily from Danish nature, as sea buckthorn, lemon verbena, spruce, holy ghost, rowans, woodruff, blackberry, heather flower and many more.

Our mission is simple: To continue the development of handcrafted gin of high quality with a distinct flavour. Open innovation and continuous dialogue with engaged gin lovers and experts is vital in our development. This is imperative for the future development as well. Don't hesitate to write us at and visit us at Facebook or Instagram.

The viking god Njord has given name to our gins handcrafted from botanicals, grain, grape, potatoes, patience and curiosity in a small copper still in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. 

It all boils down to a deep and complex flavour. Every drop has a high quality. Each batch has its own personality. Season, soil and soul decide. Enjoy the mystery. Enjoy with care. It's your nature. Distilled. 

We distill our gins in our magnificent German copper still Frau Müller. After a long fermentation and distillation period, the alcohol base spends time together with loads of junipers, and we boil the mass again together with our carefully selected botanicals.

Drop by drop, the spirit travels through the still. Hours after hours, we taste the result during the process (yes, it's a tough job..) and make cuts to portion it in "head", "heart" and "tail". The heart is when the taste and nose are at their cleanest and most elegant point, and this is what we use in the next steps of the process. We blend it with pure water until reaching the right alcohol volume.

Each batch has around 300 bottles. Njord is handcrafted, hand-bottled, hand-labeled, and each batch and bottle is numbered.


Behind Njord is two gin nerds working together to create high quality gin with a distinct flavour. We gather around our copper still Frau Müller and taste, discuss, test and taste again. And again. And again…

For a period this was our private passion and project, but it became clear for us that other gin lovers should have the possibility of tasting our gins. We started Spirit Of Njord as the formal unit from where we produce and distribute the results of our gin reflections and continuous development.

On our own, we're good. Together with other gin and spirit afficionados and taste experts, we're even better.  As this mindset has been our starting point, we invite passionate people and companies into our development. Feel free to contact us.