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Bottle Rocket Negroni

The Bottle Rocket interpretation of the Negroni is a bittersweet adventure enhanced by maturation in small oak barrels for several months.

This Negroni is made with the citrusy and intense Njord Distilled Sun and Citrus gin, bitter Campari and a unique Nordic take on a vermouth coming from the Njord LIGALAB. It is based on a Danish apple cider, then fortified with Njord Distilled Mother Nature and infused with various botanicals before being barrel aged in an old red wine barrel. The final cocktail is extremely well integrated and a must-try for all Negroni fans out there.

The Bottle Rocket Negroni is one of five versions in a series of high-proof gin cocktails which include both classics and own inventions – all elegantly handcrafted to perfection and barrel aged to achieve even more complexity.

The Negroni comes pre-diluted and is ready to serve over ice right out of the bottle. The bottle contains two cocktails.

Suggested garnish: Orange peel

20 cl | 23 % alc.

Developed by Njord LIGALAB

The cocktail called Golden Nugget is created by Mari-Liis Lvov . The inspiration behind the Golden Nugget came from the cumin aroma in our gin, which reminded her of Indian cuisine and a warm Turkish drink made with milk, turmeric and honey.⁠⁠
The Njord Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a little twist. Usually made with whiskey, we instead used our Distilled Barrel-Aged gin. The perfect drink for people who enjoy their cocktails strong and sharp.