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Distilled Comeback Quinine with Njord Ligalab tonic syrup

Distilled Comeback Quinine is a tribute to the idea of combining upcycling with our journey towards new taste universes.

The gin is based on revisited botanicals from our homemade quinine based tonic syrup. They make at bittersweet comeback when they are reused and distilled together with a few other carefully selected botanicals.

The botanicals include lemon balm, noble fir, rhubarb and of course juniper berries. The distillate is made from organic wheat which provides a mild and crisp backdrop for the fruity and floral botanicals used.

We make this special edition of the clear Distilled Comeback Quinine version by diluting the concentrated gin (around 85 % alc.) with our house made LIGALAB tonic syrup. What that means is that the same botanicals are used for both the tonic syrup and the gin.

It goes like this:

  1. Use botanicals to make tonic syrup.
  2. Filter tonic syrup and reuse botanicals to distill concentrated gin.
  3. Dilute concentrated gin to 39 % alc. with tonic syrup instead of water to create a regular strength gin with built-in tonic syrup.

The result is a magnificently tasting Distilled Comeback Quinine gin with added layers of sweetness, acidity and bitterness, creating even more complexity.

How to serve:

This edition makes it easy to pour yourself a perfectly matched G&T which is even based on recycling principles. Add the gin into a glass filled with ice – then just top with sparkling water. You can even adjust the sweetness if you don’t like it dry. Just add a little honey. This way it is very versatile and can accommodate all.

We know, it will not save world. But it will definitely save your day – and might even inspire to more creative recycling thoughts.

Enjoy the mystery, Enjoy with care! It's your nature. Revisited and distilled.

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