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Distilled Sand And Sea

In this gin, sea and beach botanicals are distilled together with a range of botanicals from the Njord flavour DNA. The botanicals provide a deep, salty, green and umami dimension to the taste. The result is an award-winning gin with many complex layers. 

In our special edition, amber is infused to add an even more powerful sea sensation.

Key Botanicals

Sea beet, beach mustard, sea buckthorn, seakale, seaweed, juniper and spruce.

Distillate and Alcohol Strength

Potato and barley malt. 45%.


  • Dry Martini

    6 cl Distilled Sand And Sea

    1,5 cl Noilly Prat vermouth

    1 dash orange bitters

    Lemon peel

    1. Stir arctic cold in a mixing glass.

    2. Double strain to a chilled coupe glass.

    3. Garnish with lemon zest or your favourite edible flower.

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