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Distilled United Natures

This gin is a fine result of a fun and tough terroir challenge. Our aim is to unite cold Danish and warm Spanish nature in a smooth and light gin. Together with skilled friends from Madrid, we have united different traditions, natures, and distillates. The result is a soft and round gin that contributes to a pleasing gin and tonic on a sunny day.

Key Botanicals

Parsnip, pumpkin seed, yellow bedstraw, dandelion root, rowanberry, juniper, rosemary, orange flower and thyme. 

Distillate and Alcohol Strength

Grape and wheat. 42%.


  • Besame Mucho

    4 cl Distilled United Natures

    2,5 cl homemade watermelon syrup

    3 cl dry sherry

    3 lemon slices

    1. Watermelon syrup: warm up 100g

    of muddled watermelon with 200g of sugar until sugar is dissolved, then strain and bottle.

    2. Muddle lemon in a shaker and top with the rest of the ingredients.

    3. Add ice, shake and strain to a rocks glass filled with ice.

The cocktail called Golden Nugget is created by Mari-Liis Lvov . The inspiration behind the Golden Nugget came from the cumin aroma in our gin, which reminded her of Indian cuisine and a warm Turkish drink made with milk, turmeric and honey.⁠⁠
The Njord Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a little twist. Usually made with whiskey, we instead used our Distilled Barrel-Aged gin. The perfect drink for people who enjoy their cocktails strong and sharp.